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Orthodontic Services Merced, CA & Mariposa, CA

Orthodontic Services Merced,CA

Our orthodontic practice strives to provide our patients with all of the up to date treatment techniques that are available. To help you to understand your options, we've included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

We offer the following techniques as part of your orthodontic needs:

Orthodontic Services Merced,CA

Traditional Orthodontics uses brackets that are temporarily bonded to the teeth. These brackets can be made of metal or clear ceramic. These brackets provide Dr. Rowan with control of tooth movements and have been used in this way for decades of service.

Invisalign aligners are clear plastic trays that are used to move teeth instead of bonded brackets. This technique is cooperation dependent, requiring nearly continuous wear in order to be successful. Dr. Rowan will evaluate each patient on an individual basis to determine if Invisalign is a technique suitable to your treatment.

Removable Inman retainers are able to correct minor tooth movements in cases of minimal crowding or spacing. An evaluation during your initial appointment can often determine if this technique can be used in your unique situation.

Interceptive Orthodontics is designed for our younger patients as a way to "intercept" potential problems in the future. Expansion of constricted and collapsed dental arches, correction of cross bites, evaluation of erupting teeth and early management of severe over bites are a few of the problems that can be corrected at an early age.

Implant evaluation and treatment to upright and prepare our patients for restorative treatment is critical for many of our adult patients. With implant dentistry providing wonderful options for patients with missing teeth, it is frequently vital to the success of these permanent fixed units, that proper evaluation and orthodontic treatment precede the placement of implants.

Surgical Orthodontics can be a wonderful way to surgically correct genetic growth problems that occur as part of the natural growing process. As part of every diagnostic exam the patient's growth landmarks are evaluated, whether the patient is still growing or has reached an age of maturity and is no longer growing. Using this as a diagnostic foundation, Dr. Rowan has been trained extensively in surgical orthodontics and will evaluate your individual situation as part of his regular exam, recommending the proper treatment as needed.

Temporomandibular Joint evaluation as part of every orthodontic exam is important to better understand the stability of the jaw movement of each patient. This exam will help to determine the health of this jaw joint, and aid Dr. Rowan in his treatment procedures.

Whitening of the teeth following orthodontic treatment is frequently recommended to add that extra esthetic shine to a beautifully aligned and corrected smile.

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