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October 14, 2015
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Would you like a beautiful, white smile that lasts and lasts long after your whitening treatment is done? Don't continue on with life as usual and hope that your teeth magically stay white on their own. Follow these five teeth whitening tips from Dr. Richard Rowan in White TeethMariposa for a smile that will look amazing for years to come.

1. Get Professional Tooth Whitening

While using an over-the-counter tooth whitening product may help you achieve a smile that is a little bit brighter and whiter, if you want long-lasting brilliant results, you'll want to get professional teeth whitening from Dr. Rowan in Mariposa. Professional treatments look better and last longer.

2. Avoid Foods That Contribute to Tooth Staining

Certain foods are known to cause teeth staining; you'll want to avoid them in order to keep your teeth white. These foods include candy, citrus fruits, select berries, tomato products and soy sauce. You'll want to avoid tobacco, coffee, soda and red wine as well.

3. Enjoy Foods that Help Whiten Teeth Naturally

On the other hand, some foods can actually help keep your teeth white. These include abrasive foods like apples, celery, and nuts, as well as any food or drink that helps build up your tooth enamel, such as milk and cheese. Drinking water can help too, as the water will flush away some of the bacteria lingering on your teeth.

4. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

After you've skipped the stain-causing foods and opted for stain-fighting foods instead, don't forget to practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal. If you don't have a toothbrush handy, rinsing after every meal can also help keep your teeth clean. Don't forget to floss to remove those hidden germs as well!

5. Visit Dr. Richard Rowan for Routine Cleanings

Unfortunately, as dedicated as you are to proper oral hygiene and keeping your beautiful smile a sparkling white, the truth is that you will never be able to remove all of the bacteria and food particles hiding in your mouth all by yourself. This is why regular trips to Dr. Rowan for routine cleanings are so important. They help keep your mouth clean and your teeth a beautiful white.

Many Mariposa residents have already visited their dentist for professional teeth whitening and are now enjoying the benefits of a picture-perfect smile. If you would like to be next, or if you would like to discuss additional teeth whitening options, call Dr. Rowan to set up an appointment today.

By Dr. Richard Rowan
July 29, 2015
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Find out the difference between these two popular orthodontic treatments in Merced and Mariposa, CA.

Want to say goodbye to that crooked smile? The next step is trying to figure out which orthodontic treatment is right for you. Your Merced Bracesorthodontist Dr. Richard Rowan offers a many different treatment options to cater to any patient’s needs, budgets and lifestyles. Find out about Invisalign, how it differs from traditional braces and which one is right for you.

Which Orthodontic Treatment is Right for You?

While both traditional braces and Invisalign are designed to improve overall oral health and straighten smile, they do so in different ways. There are several things to consider before getting braces in Merced and Mariposa. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of these treatments to figure out which option might be best for you:

Appearance: While traditional braces have certainly come a long way and can promise tooth-colored wires and clear brackets, they won’t offer the same clarity and subtlety that Invisalign aligners will. Invisalign boasts clear, virtually invisible plastic aligners rather than brackets and wires.

Length of treatment: Patients will wear their traditional braces all day every day for an average of two years. The length of time will vary depending on the severity of your dental issues. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can be removed when eating or brushing your teeth and treatment time is anywhere from six to 18 months.

Expense: Traditional metal braces tend to be less expensive than Invisalign. You should also consider how much your dental insurance will cover.

Care: You will need to brush and floss your teeth regularly, making sure to get into those hard-to-reach spots between teeth and along the gumline. This can be difficult when wearing bracket-and-wire braces. Invisalign aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing, making it easier to care for your teeth during your treatment. You will also want to rinse out and clean your aligners so they remain invisible and don’t stain.

Dental visits: With traditional braces you will need to see your Merced and Mariposa orthodontist Dr. Rowan every month to make sure your treatment is going smoothly. If you are wearing Invisalign you will also need to see us every four to six weeks, and remember to replace your aligners every two weeks.

Follow-up care: After any orthodontic treatment, no matter whether you have Invisalign or traditional braces, you will still need to wear a retainer after your treatment so your teeth don’t shift back.

The only way to truly find out whether Invisalign is right for you is to see your Merced orthodontist for a consultation. If you’re ready to get that straighter smile then call our office today.

If your children have any type of tooth spacing issues, you might be visiting your Mariposa and Merced, CA orthodontist sooner than you realize. In the past, most children didn't receive braces until around 12 or 14 years of age when their permanent teeth were already in place. Now, children are seeing orthodontists such as Richard Rowan, DMD, MSD in Mariposa and Merced, CA as soon as age seven.Braces

Why Kids are Seeing the Orthodontist Earlier and Earlier

The reason for the earlier treatments is a good one: The sooner your Mariposa and Merced, CA orthodontist can begin treatment, the easier and more effective the treatment will be. Your child's orthodontist won't have to pull your child's permanent teeth or fight to move teeth that are already in place. Instead, he or she can work with your child's teeth as your child grows and develops to gently and gradually bring them into proper alignment.

Benefits of Interceptive Orthodontics

The process for moving a child's teeth while the teeth are still developing is called interceptive orthodontics, and it comes with a number of benefits. Interceptive orthodontics is a technique that works with the teeth to create more room for them as they develop, rather than fighting against the teeth later. It reduces the risk of facial trauma and the need for tooth removal. It shortens treatment time and helps facilitate facial symmetry. It can even be used to expand the palate. With all of the benefits interceptive orthodontics offers, it is no wonder that many orthodontists in Mariposa and Merced, CA are switching to this new system of care.

Are Interceptive Orthodontics Right for My Child?

If your child's teeth are crooked, crowded, gapped or out of alignment, interceptive orthodontics may be the best way to bring your child's teeth into proper alignment as they grow. Talk to your orthodontist, Dr. Rowan in Mariposa and Merced, CA, about your options today. The sooner you call, the quicker and easier your child's treatment is likely to be!

By Dr. Richard Rowan
April 01, 2015
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When it comes to the look of your smile, one of the most important factors is the color of your teeth. If your teeth are discolored, yellow or stained, you probably won’t be as confident smiling. Dr. Richard Rowan often fields questions from his Merced-area patients about how to get a whiter smile. If you’ve been considering over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening solutions for getting a brighter smile, learn why in-office whitening is a much better idea.

Over the Counter Solutions
There is a billion-dollar market for OTC teeth whitening products because of the high demand that patients have for a whiter smile. Unfortunately, these products often don’t provide the desired results. Gennaro Cataldo of the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine confirmed that “many of them are ineffective” in a 2012 BU Today article. Some do work, but they often take many weeks to notice a difference.

What Makes In-Office Whitening Superior?
Without a doubt, the best option for whitening your teeth is an in-office appointment with your Merced dentist. The procedure is quick (can be completed in as little as 45 minutes to an hour) and provides immediate results. Additionally, since you’re having your teeth whitened by a professional, you can rest assured that your teeth and gums will be properly protected. Some patients have sensitivities that can cause irritation if they use OTC products incorrectly.

How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth?
After you see your beautiful, whitened smile, you’ll probably be wondering how long you should wait before going in for another whitening appointment. Your whiter teeth can last up to two years. If you brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist every six months (or more frequently) for cleanings, you might prolong the time between whitening appointments.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Is Your Best Bet
If you’re not pleased with the current color of your teeth, call (209) 384-3223 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Richard Rowan at his Merced office. He is a board-certified orthodontist and cosmetic dentist who is committed to providing his patients with effective, state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

By Dr. Richard Rowan
February 12, 2015
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Though braces are most common in young people, adults are increasingly looking to braces treatments to resolve their tooth alignment problems. If you’re still hesitating to get braces, just remember that wearing them is temporary but the results are long-lasting. If you take care of your teeth and keep up with regular visits at the Merced dentist office of Dr. Richard Rowan, you can bracesenjoy your straighter, more attractive smile for life.

What Types of Braces Are There? 
There are two main types of braces that patients can wear to adjust the positioning of their teeth: 

- Traditional braces (metal braces)
- Invisalign (invisible braces)

Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and wire that is used to gradually move teeth into a desired position. The brackets cannot be removed until the treatment is finished. Invisalign is a braces option that uses “invisible” plastic trays to gently re-position each tooth. The trays are custom-designed based on an impression of your mouth, and can be removed for eating and speaking in public. Your Merced dentist must evaluate your current smile to decide if you’re a candidate for Invisalign braces.

How Long Will You Have to Wear Braces?
The length of time that you will have to wear braces depends on the type you choose and the severity of the orthodontic problem. Traditional braces can take anywhere from one to three years, while invisible braces can do the job in as little as six months. In both cases, your dentist will likely recommend that you continue to wear a retainer after the treatment to ensure that your teeth maintain their new position.

Why Are Monthly Appointments Necessary?
You will have to visit your dentist every month to six weeks to have your braces checked and adjusted. With traditional braces, you will have to have the wires changes and brackets tightened, while with Invisalign, you will receive a new plastic tray at each appointment.

Set Up a Braces Consultation Appointment
If you feel that your smile can benefit from braces, have it confirmed by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Richard Rowan today. He is a Merced orthodontist that patients come to for up-to-date treatments. Call the office at (209) 384-3223 to schedule a time with a friendly receptionist or click the “Appointment Request” button.

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