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As part of every diagnostic exam the patient's growth landmarks are evaluated, whether the patient is still growing or has reached an age of maturity and is no longer growing. This exam is designed to help determine and predict the eventual outcome of orthodontic care.Orthodontics Merced, CA & Mariposa, CA Orthodontist

This diagnostic exam can reveal underlying growth concerns that should be ideally resolved with surgical correction of the bone, in addition to tooth alignment. Dr. Rowan has been trained extensively in surgical orthodontics and will evaluate your individual situation as part of his diagnostic exam.

Interceptive orthodontics

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is: How early should I have my child evaluated for his or her orthodontic needs?

Dr. Rowan suggests that six years of age is the ideal time to see children for the first time. Although it is uncommon to treat children this young, occasionally interceptive orthodontics is initiated as a preventative to more serious problems in the future.

Expansion of constricted and collapsed dental arches, correction of cross bites, evaluation of erupting teeth and early management of serve over bites can "intercept" problems best dealt with in pre-adolescent children.

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