By Dr. Richard Rowan
August 29, 2014
Category: Orthodontic Health
Tags: Braces  
metal braces Braces can completely change your smile, but you have to make a few changes first for them to be most effective. One such example is the foods that you eat. Braces are subject to getting foods stuck in your teeth as well as foods that can put great pressures on the teeth, possibly causing the braces to pop out of place.
When you first get your braces, your mouth may feel initially sore and uncomfortable, making eating difficult. At first, you’ll want to eat soft, easy-to-chew foods that help to minimize discomfort. Examples of braces-approved foods after you get your braces include smoothies, mashed potatoes, eggs, soups and yogurts. After a few days, however, you can expect this discomfort to subside.
Once you do get more accustomed to your braces, there are some foods Dr. Rowan, a Merced orthodontist, recommends you avoid. These include chewy or sticky items, such as caramel bars, chunky peanut butter, taffy, chewing gum and gummy bears. Other foods can get easily stuck between your teeth, such as nuts and popcorn. While these foods can be tasty, they are best avoided when you have braces.
Some other foods may require taking some precautions while you eat them or require you to make a few changes before eating them. For example, if you enjoy corn on the cob, you may wish to cut the corn off the cob first as biting into the corn may be difficult. Speaking of cutting things into small pieces, you may also want to cut up apples and carrots. Eating chips and chewy foods such as bagels may require eating small bites at a time to avoid a chewy mess.
Additionally, sugary foods, such as colas and other sugar-containing beverages can contribute to tooth decay because bacteria love to feed off sugar found on the teeth.
You also should avoid using your teeth and braces to chew on non-food items. This includes ice, pens or your fingernails. Doing so can increase your risk for breaking off a braces bracket.
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