By Dr. Richard Rowan
September 13, 2021
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A beautiful, white smile is something many people desire. However, certain factors can cause it to look less than its best. One particular problem is the development of white spots on teeth, especially after the removal of braces. At our orthodontics office serving Merced, CA, and Mariposa, CA, Dr. Richard Rowan can recommend ways to prevent white spots while wearing braces, as well as eliminate them with teeth whitening if they do develop.

Tips for Preventing White Spots

One cause of white spots on teeth is excess fluoride consumption. You can prevent overconsumption by applying the correct amount of toothpaste when brushing (the size of a pea is sufficient), as well as using water without fluoride added to it.

Another potential cause of white spots on teeth is sugary or acidic foods and beverages. Foods and drinks that are especially acidic or sugary tend to encourage the growth of bacteria that cause demineralization and wear away tooth enamel. Sometimes white spots are a sign that some enamel has worn away and exposed the sensitive white tissue below the surface.

White spots can also develop on teeth as a result of poor oral hygiene. Certain orthodontic treatments, like braces, can make brushing and flossing more challenging and oral health can unintentionally suffer. Patients who have had a difficult time cleaning their teeth while wearing braces might develop white spots on the teeth that are only fully noticeable once the braces have been removed.

You can prevent white spots from developing on your teeth by using the correct amount of fluoride toothpaste when brushing, avoiding water with fluoride, avoiding acidic or sugary foods, and maintaining exceptional oral hygiene. At our office for orthodontics serving Merced, CA, and Mariposa, CA, Dr. Rowan can help prevent white spots from developing by providing instruction on how to best clean and care for teeth while wearing braces.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

If white spots develop on teeth despite your best efforts to prevent them, one solution is in-office teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening performed in our office can eliminate many types of stains and discolorations on teeth, including white spots. All it takes is one treatment session to eliminate spots and stains and achieve a significantly whiter smile.

Preventing white spots from developing on teeth is possible even while wearing braces. For more information about preventing white spots or removing them, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rowan by calling our office for orthodontics in Merced, CA, and serving Mariposa, CA, at (209) 384-3223.

By Dr. Richard Rowan
June 24, 2021
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Dr. Richard Rowan, your orthodontist in Merced and Mariposa, CA, uses orthodontic treatment to transform smiles and keep mouths healthy. If you have any crooked teeth or gaps in your teeth, you've probably considered orthodontic treatment, and we can help with braces.


Most of us don't have perfectly straight teeth without a little help. It's natural for teeth to be misaligned, crowded, or have gaps, but there are benefits to straightening your teeth. Straight teeth make chewing and speaking easier, and straight teeth are easier to clean and thus less likely to decay. Straight teeth also give you a great smile, which always makes a good impression.

When you see your orthodontic specialist in Merced, and Mariposa, CA, your recommended treatment plan will vary in length depending on the issues you need to correct. A typical treatment plan with traditional braces can last anywhere from six months to two years. It takes time to shift your teeth, but the benefits follow you for the rest of your life.

How braces work

Braces use a system of brackets cemented to the teeth, connected by wires that guide the teeth into proper position. Gently and over time, the thin metal wire called an archwire is tightened and it helps shift your teeth into an aligned position.

There are some less noticeable forms of orthodontic treatment, including using ceramic, tooth-colored brackets with wires, and Invisalign, a system of wearing clear aligners to shift your teeth. Invisalign is popular because the treatment is nearly invisible and the removable aligners are more convenient, but it isn't recommended for every orthodontic issue. Lingual braces are applied to the back of your teeth and aren't visible at all, but they can't correct every orthodontic issue and are much more expensive than traditional braces.

Traditional braces have a long history of successfully correcting smiles which is why they are still in use today. Your orthodontist Dr. Rowan can design a treatment plan for you to have a beautiful smile! To make an appointment, call us in Merced, CA at (209) 384-3223, or in Mariposa, CA at (209) 966-4600.

By Dr. Richard Rowan
March 30, 2021
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How Invisalign from your orthodontist in Merced, and Mariposa, CA, can improve your smile.

Do you want a straighter smile? If so, you may be wondering if Invisalign is the right orthodontic treatment for you. The truth is, Invisalign is perfect for just about everyone, from teenagers to adults. Invisalign offers some amazing benefits for your smile.

Dr. Richard Rowan is a board-certified orthodontist who offers a wide variety of options, including Invisalign to straighten your smile. He has two convenient office locations in Mariposa, and Merced, CA. 

Invisalign is right for you if you have:

  • An overbite or underbite
  • A open bite or crossbite
  • Crowded or rotated teeth
  • Teeth that are unevenly spaced
  • Poorly positioned teeth

Invisalign is also right for you if you want:

  • Comfortable orthodontic treatment, because Invisalign is made of smooth plastic, with no sharp parts to irritate your gum tissue
  • Discreet orthodontic treatment, because Invisalign is made of clear plastic, which is virtually invisible to people around you
  • Fast orthodontic treatment, because the average time of completion is 9 to 15 months
  • Convenient orthodontic treatment, because you can remove Invisalign to brush and floss your teeth normally, and remove them when you eat

Your Invisalign treatment begins with your first set of Invisalign appliances, known as aligners. You wear the aligners for 2 weeks and then move on to a new set of aligners. You receive a new set of aligners every 2 weeks, as your teeth gradually and comfortably move into the desired position. You will visit Dr. Rowan every few weeks as directed, so he can monitor your progress. It’s simple to achieve a beautiful, straight smile, thanks to Invisalign.

To find out more about the amazing Invisalign treatment, talk with your orthodontist! Call Dr. Rowan in Mariposa, CA, at (209) 966-4600, or at his office in Merced, CA, at (209) 384-3223. Get the straight, beautiful smile you deserve by calling today!

By Dr. Richard Rowan
January 19, 2021
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Your orthodontist in Mariposa, California can help you have a healthy smile when you have braces

You are on your way to a straight smile with orthodontic treatment and that is fantastic! It’s also fantastic if you know how to take care of your smile during orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Richard Rowan offers orthodontic services in his offices in Mariposa, and Merced, California. He can help you maintain a healthy smile while you are wearing braces.

One of the most common issues with braces is how to floss when you have them. The brackets and wires can seem like an impossible obstacle to keeping your smile clean and healthy.

The truth is, when you are wearing braces, it’s even more important to keep the plaque off of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing.

That’s because plaque contains millions of harmful bacteria that produce toxins. These toxins can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and periodontal disease.

The brackets and wires are the perfect places to collect plaque. All too often, when the brackets and wires come off, people are left with unsightly white spots on their teeth, caused by plaque bacteria attacking the tooth enamel.

So, how do you floss with braces? You need a special flossing tool, called a threader. Threaders are shaped like a loop and are flexible and thin.

You place a section of floss through the open loop on the threader. Then, you gently guide the threader up underneath the wire, so the floss is next to your tooth and free of interference from the wire.

Now you can floss in between the teeth, making sure to wrap the floss around the widest part of your tooth as you go down in between your teeth. The wrapping technique helps to make sure the floss stays firmly against the tooth surface.

In addition to flossing at least once each day, make sure you brush after meals and before you go to bed, especially when you have braces. It might be helpful to invest in a sonic or electric toothbrush because the pulsing action helps to flush out plaque and food debris from around the brackets.

Your dentist and dental hygienist can also help you keep your smile clean and healthy while you are wearing braces. Visit your dentist at least once each year for a dental examination, and your dental hygienist at least twice each year for a professional dental cleaning.

A straight smile is beautiful, and it’s important to keep your smile healthy. To find out more about how to maintain a healthy smile while you are wearing braces, call Dr. Richard Rowan in Mariposa, California at (209) 966-4600. Call now!

By Dr. Richard Rowan
December 14, 2020
Category: Orthodontic Health
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Getting braces can improve your appearance and boost your oral health.

When it comes to getting braces, you certainly have a lot more choices than ever before. Our Merced, CA board-certified orthodontist Dr. Richard Rowan offers a variety of orthodontic options to fit patients’ lifestyles, needs, smile goals and budget, making it easy to get the beautiful, healthy smile that you’ve always wanted. Here’s how braces could benefit your oral health,

Get the Ideal Smile

The main reason children, teens or adults come into our Merced, CA, office is because they want to get orthodontics to fix misaligned, crooked or crowded smiles. Dr. Rowan has treated a wide range of smile issues, from overbites and cross bites to misaligned jaws and gaps between teeth. We understand that everyone’s needs are unique, and we offer everything from traditional metal braces and Invisalign to clear braces to fit those needs.

Get a Healthier Smile

While everyone knows that braces can create perfectly straight, beautiful smiles many people don’t realize that a straight smile is also a healthier smile. Bad bites (known as malocclusions) such as overbites, crowding and gaps between teeth can make it easier for plaque to buildup and food to get trapped, making it more challenging to keep teeth clean. As a result, those with crooked smiles are more likely to deal with decay, gum disease and dental injuries.

Fortunately, by getting the orthodontic treatment you or your teen needs as soon as possible, we can correct these problems and reduce your risk for cavities and other issues. Plus, a straighter smile is far easier to keep clean. As long as you maintain good oral hygiene both during your orthodontic treatment and once you get your braces off, you can prevent your teeth and gums from problems later on.

Boost Your Confidence

The sky’s the limit when you have a smile that you feel completely confident showing off. If you want to feel more confident walking down the high school halls, presenting to peers in a college lecture hall, winning them over at that dream job interview or simply feeling more attractive during that perfect date, there are many moments that can be more amazing and fulfilling when you have a straight, beautiful smile.

If you are interested in sitting down with Dr. Rowan to discuss your orthodontic options, simply call us today. It’s never too late to get that perfectly straight smile. Call (209) 384-3223 for the Merced, CA, office or (209) 966-4600 for the Mariposa office.

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